About Us

WIBE Superfoods pure natural hidden flavours intertwined to create unforgettable taste experience how nature intended.

WIBE is Nature’s Own. WIBE is Healthy. WIBE is True. WIBE is Yours.

Customers have so many options to purchase mass produced products full or artificial flavouring, additives and preservatives, these products are manufactured based on price not quality, with almost no differential in the taste.

WIBE brings you back to the real flavours of the earth as nature intended. Our Mission is to bring you genuine, true, natural products that from the roots of the unspoilt soil using the best fresh organic ingredients.

WIBE Hand Picked Fresh Ingredients for Handmade Products are a Premium Estonian Brand.

WIBE principle is to true and honest marketing without resorting to the false and fake.

Kristel Uibo, creator and founder of WIBE grew up in a family surrounded by nature, healthy home grown as well as wild forest foods. Kristel states: “I was given a knowledge that a clean environment and good health are the most precious things for mankind, life is too short not to respect the pure natural flavours and experience new taste sensations during every meal”.

WIBE products are made from the heart for people who really want pure, organic, natural ingredients that that are true in their taste making you feel uplifted as well as healthy an experience you only get from WIBE products.

Pure ingredients make a true, honest product that strokes the soul by refreshing your body which is a fantastic feeling.


WIBE protein bar
WIBE berry bar

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Estonia organic land map
Estonia Organic land map